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Robert Campbell Wins 2019 WOP Player of the Year Race

Because of an administrative blunder, Robert Campbell has been named the WSOP Player of the Year rather than Daniel Negreanu.

Recently, we detailed that Daniel Negreanu had procured his third Player of the Year tile from the WSOP – however, that is presently not true anymore. Because of an estimation mistake, Negreanu isn’t the WSOP POY; all things being equal, it’s Robert Campbell. grand dragon lotto

At the point when Negreanu dominated the race, it was unchallenged. He got his congrats from his companions and fans, and that was it – until a poker report from Russia saw something a gnawed off.

Alex Elenskiy posted on Twitter that Negreanu’s focuses were erred. Indeed, he was given focuses for an occasion that he didn’t trade out. On his 68th money, he was given 213.1 focuses that he didn’t really acquire. The focuses for some major parts in that occasion were coincidentally fudged.

In the long run, the WSOP found out about the blunder and checked the numbers. They at that point conceded that there was a slip-up made. The association at that point made a tweet about the circumstance:

Incidentally, it was an information section mistake that was made by somebody on WSOP’s staff. Thus, the last aggregates for the Top 10 parts in the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year Race are:

third spot: Daniel Negreanu – 3,861.76 focuses grand dragon lotto

fourth spot: Anthony Zinno – 3,322.00 focuses

fifth spot: Phillip Hui – 3,186.17 focuses

sixth spot: Daniel Zack – 3,126.13 focuses

seventh spot: Dario Sammartino – 3,091.03 focuses

eighth spot: Chris Ferguson – 2,997.10 focuses

ninth spot: Kahle Burns – 2,983.37 focuses

tenth spot: Dash Dudley – 2,860.79 focuses

Campbell’s Reaction to His Win

Robert Campbell is satisfied with his success, yet stayed humble. He tweeted a reaction:

Daniel Negreanu gave a reaction expressing that it was “a terrible circumstance, however botches occur and life proceeds onward”. He stayed good and conceded that he didn’t not feel any adverse feelings about the entire experience.

The entire fiasco is unfathomable fascinating, particularly since players have been reprimanding how Player of the Year focuses are counted for a long while. While the framework was upgraded in 2018, apparently there is still work to be done, as the computations for POY focuses are convoluted to such an extent that nobody occasion saw that the aggregates were off until the race was finished.

Along these lines, one year from now, we make certain to see an alternate framework for how WSOP players are allowed Player of the Year focuses. It will most likely shake things up a smidgen.