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Dan Bilzerian has been a dubious presence in the poker world, and now he’s prepared to bring his shenanigans into the White House. At the KSI v Paul Logan battle,

he was gotten some information about legislative issues by TMZ, and had some exceptionally fascinating comments.

The TMZ cameraperson was gotten some information about Kanye West running for president in 2024. He answered: “I mean, better than Hilary. I think he’ll be running against me. We’ll see”.

He was inquired as to whether he was not kidding, and Bilzerian expressed that four years is sufficient time for him to get ready. Along these lines, while everything could be exchange, Bilzerian has done some incredible things previously, gd lotto

and is probably going to make an endeavor to get into the White House. gd lotto

This isn’t really the first occasion when he has referenced running for the President of the United States. Indeed, he viewed it appropriately in 2015 (or as genuinely as you would expect a “proficient playboy” to take it),

when he dispatched a “official mission” at five clubs across North America. He at that point delivered a mission video which generally highlighted ladies in two-pieces.

About Dan Bilzerian

Bilzerian is a mogul playboy, who invests his energy playing poker and parading his cash. He expresses that he is worth about $150 million,

on account of cash from a trust asset and his poker rewards.

There is no lack of discussion in his life, too. In 2014, a video was delivered where Bilzerian hurled a pornography star from his rooftop bringing about a wrecked foot. He likewise confronted reaction over a video he posted for International Women’s Day,

where he was having supper off of the rear of a topless model.

He is by all accounts a Trump ally, after he posted an image of them together after the now president reported his appointment. Bilzerian likewise expressed on Twitter and disclosed to Larry King that while he doesn’t care for all that Trump does,

he regards that he’s unfiltered.

The vast majority who have found out about the news have their fingers crossed that he will not toss his cap in the official up-and-comer ring. Notwithstanding, who knows who will run these days. It seems like anybody with enough cash needs to compete to be the President of the United States,

so you never know – Bilzerian could endeavor to get his name on the polling form in 2024.